Patio Furniture - Big Box Blues

Patio Furniture - Big Box Blues

Posted by Anne Othen on Feb 15th 2014

Big Box Blues

The trouble with buying patio furniture at big box stores like Lowes and Home Depot is that they make a massive purchase of stuff made expressly for them in a quantity that should last the season. When the season ends, the remaining pieces are sold off to jobbers to make room for items that sell in the fall/winter season.

When spring arrives again, you go looking for another chair or replacement pillow for the set you purchased the year before, only to discover that none of the current stock of furniture resembles your set. That’s because there is little to no continuity in style, color or even manufacturer from year to year.

At Patio Casual, we prefer to work with manufacturers that design and build furniture that will be popular for more than one season, and will have replacement pieces and parts for our customers. Good quality never goes out of style.