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2 Piece Chimeneas

Chimeneas have been around for over 400 years, they have been essential for domestic heating and cooking long before they were used for display or social gatherings as they often are today. They have also moved from traditionally being used indoors, to outdoors on patios and in back yards.


Position the Chimenea outdoors, in the iron stand and clear of roots and trees. If you’re placing it on a wood deck, set it on top of some bricks or flagstone so the wood does not get scratched or damaged from embers. You can use logs, wood scraps, or branches as fuel, and paper or wood tinder to start fire. Use matches or a fire starter to light the fire, never lighter fluid. Do not use charcoal or artificial logs in Chimeneas, they burn too hot and may cause the clay to crack.

Caring for your Chimenea:

It is important to remember to never use a Chimenea if it is wet. Chimeneas are not frost proof. If a they become wet and freeze, they may crack. Do not fire your chimenea when the outside temperature is below 35 degrees.
You may repair a crack in your Chimenea by applying a silicone sealant to both sides of the crack. Let it stand at least 24 hours before using.
After a rainfall a natural white alkaline may appear on the clay. To clean, gently scrub surface with vinegar and a nylon brush. Rinse after the alkaline has dissolved.


Available colors: Honeycomb, Serene, Blossoms and Footsteps


Dimensions: 38.5″H x 20″W